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Turn-key Solutions

Adapted Turn-key Solutions

FRAS develops turn-key solutions for the NDT and the metrology market.  Our solutions are adapted to our customers’ needs and simple to use.  Take advantage of our smart team and discover how we can help you improve your processes with diligence.

3D Hardware Integration

While the 3D and metrology markets are leaning toward fully integrated solutions, many instruments manufacturers struggle at integrating their own technologies in their customer environment and are just too busy working on repeated sales. The latest 3D technologies and sensors have open the way to new applications in unforeseen markets. We are experts in the integration of these technologies. We have some of the smartest engineers collaborating with us to provide amazing solutions.

Automation Of Inspection Processes

Many of our customers already had the tools to automate their inspection processes, thanks to new features in popular software programs but didn’t know they could or how to implement it. We can evaluate your inspection assets and automate some steps in your inspection process to improve your ROI.

Sensors 3D Mapping

New 3D tracking instruments offer new possibilities for mapping data from different sensors in a 3D environment. Once fully integrated, it is easy to get a 3D mapping of a room, an object or its surrounding with different sensor technologies. Magnetic fields, electric fields, temperature, vibration, sound, stress and light can be mapped in 3D from the integration of simple acquisition instruments with those new tracking technologies.

Live 3D Tracking Of Tools And Parts

This emerging technology allows for more in-line inspection solutions and the merging of different data collection technologies to develop better inspection methods and decrease production time. Applications such as robot tracking, probe tracking or a combination of ultrasounds, eddy current and state-of-the-art sensors with geometric 3D data are now possible, opening the way to a new level of traceability.