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Learn how 3D scan inspections can reduce your project costs.

Potential of these methods can be demonstrated within 15 minutes.


Our Services

Pipeline Inspection

FRAS Solutions provides advanced measurement and analysis of pipeline corrosion and mechanical damage to increase turn-around speed and reduce costs of maintenance. 

Piping and Vessels 

Inspection of corrosion and mechanical damage on pipes, tanks and pressure vessels of various sizes and shapes, during shutdowns or under operation. 


Quality control of mechanical parts and application of industry standards such as GD&T. Measurements are done with a high accuracy 3D laser scanner.

About us

In short, FRAS Solutions provides high-quality measurement services to the energy and manufacturing industries. Based in Quebec, Canada, the team is specialised with 3D scanners applications and the analysis of 3D datasets.

A letter from our Founder and CEO

We are a small team of experts in different engineering fields with a lot of experience in-situ. We make a difference by developing fast inspection methods that are safer and more reliable.

3D technologies are an exciting area: the potential applications to bring high-value is an order of magnitude higher than the companies currently working on them and that number keeps growing. With them we can do more, learn more and automate more.

Today's internet speed allows us to better serve customers around the globe. 3D scanning services​ are now common and big datasets are transferable to our experts for analysis. Companies lacking qualified 3D analysts can equip themselves with the technology and outsource analysis to us, avoiding restrictions caused by the lack of local experts.

Jean-Simon Fraser, CEO​

Why choose us

Quick Turnaround

3D scanning methods outperform other NDT inspection methods by about 10 times on average. Our dedicated software tools allow us to deliver analysis at a speed that no one can match. 

Skilled Team

Our team is experienced in metrology, GD&T and geometric evaluation of defects on pressurized components. We develop our own inspection methods to provide high-value offers.

Reliable and Traceable

The 3D scanners we use are not user dependent. They are certified to be up to 0.030 mm accuracy at resolutions up to 0.1 mm. The data can be archived and reviewed in the future.

How to reach us

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