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Advanced 3D, Metrology and Integration Services

FRAS offers services in metrology, NDT and all other kinds of 3D data analysis.  We are at the edge of the latest software technologies and are very successful at solving problems. The following examples do not define the limits of what we do, they demonstrate how our perspective at solving problems generates results.

NDT 3D Services


Mechanical Damage Evaluation (Strain Components) Of Various Structures

Simulating the strain or stress of a damaged part or pressurized component can be tricky and time consuming. We offer a fast extraction of the strain components from the damaged geometry to provide a quick strain estimation as an alternative to FEA.

Data Processing Of Raw 3D Files Into FEA Ready Geometries

We offer a quick processing service of 3D raw data for finite element analysis (FEA) purposes. We found that many FEA engineers master their simulation tools but struggle at converting raw data into FEA ready files because this set of skills is mostly mastered by people in reverse engineering and metrology.

Wearness Analysis And Part Replacement Optimisation Program

Optimizing the lifetime of tools and structures is important to improve the return on investment of a manufacturing or excavation process. Whether you want to evaluate the lifetime of a gear, tank or tool, the analysis can be done in different ways. Once you provide us with the acceptance and rejection criteria for your tool, we can measure the amount of material loss, the change in shape and the rate of wear damage based on the time and environment. This will allow you to optimize the schedule of part replacements, the environment conditions and the tool configuration to extend lifetime.

Advanced Corrosion Mapping and Analysis

FRAS provides the most advanced corrosion mapping assistance you can get. We partner with NDT service companies and NDT technology owners. We can help to manage the project and we specialize in doing the most challenging part: the software processing, merging and analysis. We can combine UT, PAUT and 3D data, extract pit depths from the 3D data and convert the data in the format requested by your engineers. This service is available for complex structures such as deformed vessels and nozzles, T-Junctions, tanks, beams, valves, etc…


Advanced Metrology Services


Advanced Alignments Of 3D Data

Sometimes, inspectors struggle at aligning complex parts, especially when the part is damaged or deformed. We have many years of experience in 3D data alignments and we use only the best tools to secure this most important step in the inspection workflow, too often neglected by inspectors.

Relative Profiling Of 3D Surfaces

GD&T and other geometric deviations methods do not provide useful values when a flat or rounded surface can be deformed and accepted by following a specific pattern. We developed new methods of analysis to provide easy Go-No-Go automated analysis based on custom criterias.

Displacement Monitoring Of Large Structures Over Time

Long range 3D scanners are great instruments to measure and monitor the changes in large structures such as barrages, rails, mines bridges and other support structures. We offer fast and sharp analysis and reports for those applications.

3D Data Conversion To Custom Formats For Analysis

3D scan data allows for more accurate analysis but sometimes we still need to rely on old software to perform the analysis. This is especially true to keep track of wear and tendencies with old methods. We have successfully integrated 3D scan data with many of those methods.